Membership Information

Being a member at Serpentine Horse and Pony Club

What happens at a normal Rally at SHPC?

We offer quality instructors and a full day of friendship, learning and riding at our rallies. Our rallies are all day and consist of 3 sessions (2 ridden and one theory). 

Rsvp’s must be received via email or facebook, and a rally plan is available the week before.

All riders must provide a helper to set up, pack away or work in the canteen. The Helper duty list is made available with the rally plan. 

All junior riders must have an adult registered supporter member attached to their membership and attend rallies with a parent or guardian 

For a rally to be classified as a Qualified rally the rider must

  • Be in Serpentine HPC Formal or Rally uniform
  • Sign in at the start of the day, and be gear checked before each lesson
  • Complete at least one ridden and one theory lesson (one of the ridden lessons can be unmounted if your horse/pony is unable to participate)
  • Complete your helper job

Membership types 

  • Junior Riding Member
  • Senior Riding Member 
  • Ready2Ride Member 

Joining SHPC

When joining SHPC you must join a sub-committee. Sub-committees are at the heart of the club and run our fantastic horse events.

For example what is expected for the Dressage Committee who run 2 events per year : planning of event weeks beforehand, meeting with subcommittee to delegate and organise, booking judges, taking entries, answering all enquiries, paying judges, organising scoring at event, confirming compliance with all sporting bodies, arriving early on the day and helping run the event from start to finish, etc.

Please always ask our executive committee if you have questions about anything, everyone at SHPC is more than happy to help.

Why do I have to join a Sub-Committee?

Serpentine Horse and Pony Club has comparably inexpensive membership fees. We keep our membership fees affordable by raising funds by running profitable events throughout the year.  This is why we ask our members to join a subcommittee and commit to helping and volunteering run successful events for our club.

Membership is open to children and young people 25 years of age and under. Membership terminates at the end of the year in which a Member reaches the age of 25. Ordinary Members consist of young people who have not attained the age of 17 years. Associate Members are those young people who are 17 years and over and 25 years and under.


To apply for New Membership please email with the following details:

Riders: Name, Age, Riding Ability, Prev Pony Club, Jumping height, Dressage level.

Pony/Horses: Name, Age, Pony Club and/or competition experience

Adult Supporter / Guardian: Name, Phone Number, Email Address

What Committee will you be on?: Dressage? Eventing? How can you help our club?


Membership Costs for 2023

Come and Try Membership – 1 day only, includes Visiting Rallies $55.00

Ready to Ride Membership (10yrs & Under) $326.00

Junior Riding Member (U17yrs) $432.31

Senior Riding Member (18-24yrs) $432.31

Top Up Membership – Open Rider Only, already EA Member $108.50

Supporter Member – all ages $No Charge


Serpentine Horse and Pony Club Constitution

Please click this link to down load our constitution.